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I am delighted that you are interested in joining us here in Durham.

Durham County Council is recognised as being one of the best local authorities in the country and in our first 10 years as a unitary council, we have achieved a great deal.

Our success has come from strong leadership, ambition, creative thinking, partnership working and sheer passion for what we do.

Our Heads of Service are vital roles, who help to shape services, provide outstanding leadership and work together across the council to achieve positive outcomes for local people.  Moving forward, we are transforming the way we work, with a focus on people, community engagement and innovation - all with an eye to achieving better outcomes through the services we provide and the way we work.

To help us succeed, we are looking for candidates with strong and relevant experience in the roles we have available and who can bring about change via fresh thinking, drive and engaging leadership.

I hope you are interested in the opportunities to join our team and if you are excited by the prospect of working for us, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Yours sincerely

Terry Collins
Chief Executive

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