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Children and Young People’s Services

Children and Young People's Services bring together a number of functions to help support children, young people and families in County Durham.

To do this, we have three service areas:

We are also work with the commissioning service in Adult and Health Services, which provides our commissioning function.


  • protect vulnerable people from harm as part of our statutory duty, working with local partners;
  • work with schools and partner organisations to ensure that children and young people are supported to achieve, attain and be prepared for adulthood;
  • help children and young people make positive and healthy choices;
  • support a range of intervention and prevention services to improve outcomes for families;
  • work with the police and other partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour;
  • look after children and young people in public care and care leavers;
  • provide adoption services.

The Corporate Director of Children and Young People's Services is Margaret Whellans, who plans to retire later this year.

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